Let's Fine Dining with REFINE

The Fine Dining concept by REFINE reaches out to the most elite of consumers who specify rewards to their pet Si Comels. A formula which enables every Owner & Si Comel relationship, as it does with the bonding between customers and REFINE. Deriving from gourmet recipes made of Selected Premium White Meat Tuna & Finest Chicken Meat. Exquisite Fine Dining meal is ready for Si Comel’s culinary needs. We selected 1000 finest REFINE meals for our Si Comel gourmets to enjoy.


Are you one of the 1000 to win REFINE Exclusive Cutlery set? Let's Fine Dining with REFINE with just simple steps as below:

#1 Snap photo of Cat with any of REFINE product(s)
#2 Submit photo with caption of #CatLoversofREFINE
#3 Tag REFINE Facebook fanpage and public post on you facebook wall

Contest duration 1/Nov/2022 ~ 31/Dec/2022, terms & condition apply. More information at www.perfectcompanion.com.my

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